At Failure Free Reading we don't see the category of non-readers, or non-responders as a problem- we see it as step one!


Failure Free Reading is a nationally recognized reading intervention that helps students achieve success in reading by increasing vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and confidence from the first lesson on.

Based on the research of Dr. Joseph Lockavitch Failure Free Reading (FFR) is available for the home, the school, or on the go. Find out what format of FFR works for you.


FFR Home Edition

Perfect for Parents, Grandparents, and students. Find out what you or your child's current reading frustration level is and start from there. Access FFR: Home Edition from all your mobile devices, unlock your customized reading program today

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The Failure Free Reading Story

Find out how it all began! See how one educator's journey, to reach his most in need students, led him to create The Failure Free Reading Program.